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In 2014 I decided I wanted to start a registered brahman seedstock operation. I knew this was the direction I wanted to take but there were a few issues. I had no land, I had no cattle and I had very little money. But even with all these MAJOR issues to deal with I knew there was something else I had to acquire first. Education. I knew I had to learn as much as possible about brahman cattle, the brahma industry, seed stock industry, ABBA, brahma pedigrees, marketing and sales BEFORE I ever purchased a single brahma cow. I knew this had to happen before I could define my company, my mission & my markets. So, with 60 acres, 24 hereford cows, 1 V8 brahman bull & an invitation to V8 Brahma days we set out into the “great unknown”.

Now, lets be honest. In the last 7 years did the phrase “you have bitten off more than you can chew” come to mind? Multiple times. Did I question myself and my direction? Countless times. Did I ask myself, can you really build “something from nothing” in todays cattle market? More times than I can remember.

But let’s fast forward 7 years. Today, because I was either too dumb to know I was in over my head or just because I was too stubborn to stop, I find myself, Double Deuce Brahman, with over 350 acres, 40 outstanding brahman cattle bred to some excellent V8 bulls, 60 recipient cattle bred using pedigrees that include Captain, Noble and 380.

So the answer to the question of “Can you really build something out of nothing”? The answer is yes, yes you can. It takes a lot of work, determination and focus. It takes the blessing of the good lord above and it takes the good fortune to be living in the USA and the great state of Texas.

Come see us at Double Deuce Brahman. We're just getting started.

Shannon Whatley - Husband, Father, Veteran

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M2 BRC Captain 518/1 & V8 508/7 (Polled) Calves have Arrived!

Our Spring 2022 calf crop is looking great! Keep checking back for updates!

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